I'm Allie, technical editor on Lacework's DX & Education team!

Hi Lacework Community!! I’m Allie, and I’m the technical editor for the Developer Experience and Customer Education team at Lacework.

As an editor, I work closely with my teammates to write and edit content for Lacework employees and our customers. Some of the content that we’ve worked on so far includes our Lacework Academy on-demand courses and Lacework Shorts, blog posts, Lacework Docs, and much more!

Most of the materials that I write and edit are geared toward developers, so I’m really excited to use this community to learn more about what our developers want to hear from us. I’m looking forward to using these discussions to help me identify materials that I could write to help you be successful. I’m open to any suggestions that you have—feel free to reach out and say hi any time! :slight_smile: