NIST Publications on Cybersecurity

As I continue to expand my Cybersecurity expertise, I’ve found a few resources helpful in getting started. Everyone may have a different approach that works for them. For me, one thing that I like to do is to start broad.

I like to dive into various types of review papers. The first type are historical reviews where I seek to understand how technology within a sector got started. Sometimes if you want to understand the motivation for WHY something is the way it is, it helps to understand what the state of things were at the time they were being built.

The next type of material I also seek out are current reviews. These materials give a current view of technology shaping the landscape. This usually provides context for common words and phrases within a field like cybersecurity, along with some enumeration as to the most important aspects worth exploring in more detail.

Currently I’m exploring NIST Cybersecurity publications which includes open-access links (here). Specifically, I am learning about risk assessment strategies for the cloud. NIST is not just a place to get data on common vulnerabilities. It’s also a source for some good bedtime reading.

Let me know if you find anything and let us know what you are researching!