What's Good Y'all! I'm Corey, Senior Curriculum Engineer at Lacework

Hello once again!

My name is Corey Ashby. I proudly hail from Boston but I have lived in about 5 different US cities and enjoyed them all.

Currently I am a new Curriculum Engineer within the Customer Success Org. I’m excited to be a part of this team and with the opportunity to engage and learn along side this burgeoning and (no doubt) vibrant community!

Prior to joining Lacework I developed video encoders and video processing solutions for multimedia pipelines. Now, I am learning to ropes of cyber security from the ground up! As I progress in my journey, I hope to share as much as possible so that we all can elevate our individual and collective game!

In addition to work I love inspiring people though sport, as I’ve been inspired though sport. Over the years I have coached youth triathlon, Girls on the Run, and collegiate taekwondo. Each experience was a privilege and a joy. Currently, I play pretend triathlete and help my young family explore their world through movement of all kinds.