Ranks, Badges and Points

  • 24 August 2023
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As in many online communities, users in the Lacework community earn points based on how they contribute. Contributors earn:

  • 30 points for providing an answer to a question
  • 5 points for posting a reply
  • 2 points for receiving a like or a vote
  • 1 point for giving a like or upvoting an idea
  • 15 points for creating a topic

Ranks are loosely designed to show how contributors participate in the community.

  • Participants have no points and have made no contribution to the site -- but have at least logged in.
  • Contributors have logged in at least five times, have at least 50 points, have replied to 5 topics, created 1 topic and provided 1 answer.
  • Expert Contributors:  have logged in at least 50 times, have at least 100 points, have replied to 25 topics, have started 5 topics and provided 10 answers.

Badges are also awarded when users reach milestones in their community journey. Available badges include:

  • OG: Earliest users who shape the Community
  • Early Adopter: First 100 users with contributions in the Community
  • Cloud Security Sage: 10 topics, replies and answers
  • Cloud Security Pro: 50 topics, 25 replies and 10 answers
  • Viking: ?

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