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  • 25 August 2023
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Welcome to the community

Hi everyone 👋🏼! If you’re here it’s because you want to build better cloud security — alongside all your peers. We’re excited to have you and look forward to some great discussions. 

This is the perfect time to introduce yourself and offer up a fun fact. Don’t be shy — it will help you connect with others, I promise. Happy hunting and happy connecting! 

21 replies

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I’ll go first...I’m Christine and have been in security for only a few years so I definitely have A LOT to learn from you all 🤓. I’ve soaked up a lot of cloud security tidbits in the last 18 months leading the customer marketing efforts at Lacework but I am truly excited to learn from those of you joining us here — getting different insights, perspectives, and ideas that can help me be better and do better.

My fun fact: I one was once a competitive cheerleader (flying my way to the top, literally) and also started the cheerleading program at my alma mater in my freshman year.  📢 🤸🏻 👏🏼

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Hello Lacework Community!  I’m Chris and I’m a member of Lacework’s exceptional Global Technical Services function (my official title is VP, Global Technical Services).  This function houses many of the amazing folks who help our customers achieve massive value from their Lacework platform. GTS includes Sales Engineering, Customer Success, Field CTO/CISO, Professional Services and a Strategy team that helps stitch our customers’ technical experience together with the goal of maximizing the value they receive from Lacework. I’ve been with Lacework since November 2022 and have worked in and around security for ~30 years with various hardware and software companies in the space. I’m super excited to see this community coming together; I know it will provide massive value for our customers as well as for Lacework!


My fun fact is that I’m fun; that is fact.  When you see me at an event, please don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. Maybe we can grab a quick drink|coffee|cookie and you can give me feedback on how we can further enhance your Lacework journey.

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Hey everyone - it’s Grant from Lacework, the cat herder in the community. I built some of our infrastructure, including the forum architecture and several of the sections.

I’ve been working in technology for my entire life; first in R&D at the University of Michigan and Northwestern; then at a hardware startup called Avegant; then in software at a company called Navan. I’m also an ultimate frisbee player, retired travel writer, and an amateur computer repair technician.

Hit me up if you see any structural problems, need moderation, or want to join our pickup frisbee games on Wednesdays in Burlingame.

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Hello everyone!  

Its Tim from Lacework.  I lead our Field CISO and Field CTO team at lacework.  That means that we get to spend a lot of time with our customers hearing about their security programs, what their priorities are, and also how we can help make security better together.

A little about me.  I’ve been living in Nashville for around 30 years and have been involved in cybersecurity for around 20 years.  I’ve led security teams big and small that range from global appsec programs to full security programs leading as a CISO.  On the personal side, I am a big sports fan, particularly Football and Hockey, and I would consider myself a burgeoning soccer fan (thanks to the recent success of Nashville SC).  I also love traveling the world and spending time on the lake at our short-term rental as time allows.  

I’d love to chat more about Lacework or Cybersecurity in general so hit me up.

Hi All!

My name is Daniel and I’m a principal sales engineer at Lacework - based out of London, UK. I spend my time talking to companies large and small (mostly large these days) to tell them about Lacework, how it works, how it can help them and fit into their workflows. I’ve also been lucky enough to work on some product features with our engineering team such as terraform modules, gitlab integrations and working our improving our alerts.

Outside of work you can find me buying and listening to my house/techno/jazz/disco records!

Nice to meet y’all

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Hi Everyone! My name is John Turner and I work at LendingTree in Charlotte NC. We have been Lacework customers since the early days and the platform, and team, have become critical parts of our security program. Looking forward to meeting everyone and helping this community grow!


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Hi Team,

I didn’t get creative with my username; I’m Merritt Baer, Field CISO at Lacework.


I came to Lacework recently after over 5 years at AWS. I was in the Office of the CISO at AWS, which is a small team that forms a Deputy CISO, so I was securing AWS itself and also speaking to customers about how we operate as a security team/ how they can be secure on AWS. (Before that, I worked in all 3 branches of the US Govt doing security, went to law school, had an amateur boxing career, and many other topics for a coffee or beer someday!)


I take those skills into my work as Field CISO here, talking to customer execs and helping our Lacework folks to incorporate those insights, the currency of customer feedback.


I live in MIA and DEN, depending on the season. I am always up for a brainstorm about the next CISO breakfast, topics for your next talk, or the shells you popped. You can also find sunrise walk, toddler, and dog pics on my twitter (@merrittbaer).



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Ben Sherman here. also known by my cyber aliases “drlogin” and “cybersecuritydr.” In addition to my deep fascination with the evolution and history of cybersecurity, I have also published and lectured as a marine ecologist/climate scientist dealing with big-data. I will refrain from discussing esoteric academic topics here; but Poisson distributions are fair game, be they unexpected events;  algae bloom or a cybersecurity breach using a never before described method : Lacework patents to the rescue!

Hi everyone, I am Joe - I work on an infrastructure team and we use Lacework to increase our security posture. Looking forward to seeing the community grow.

Hi everyone, I’m Cassidy and I work on a Security team and use Lacework to ID Vulnerabilities and improve our cloud security posture. Excited about this community!

Hi everyone, i’m Jesus Merida, CISO for IBERIA, an spanish Airline based in Madrid. We’re working with Lacework to help both my security team and our cloud support guys to have better visibility, assess quicker and better and gain the best security posture as possible,

Looking forward to see this community grow! Best!!

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Hi there. I’m Cedric from KPMG Canada, partner of Lacework for years now. I’m a big fan of Cloud security and more specialized in AWS. Looking forward to discuss with this new community !

Hi all, and welcome! I’m one of Lacework’s Field CTOs covering roughly the western half of the USA and all of the APAC region. Lacework veteran of 3 years now.

My background is in devops / devsecops / cloud architecture.  Always happy to engage in a conversation around operationalizing a security program.

I’m a big fan & a good resource to pull into any initiatives that lead to better automation. Let’s talk about great practices for CI/CD & IAC (terraform, cloudformation, etc), and creative ways to make Incident Response more efficient.


Hi folks! My name is Kimberly Bauer and I am on the Lacework Product Marketing team. I’ve been in cybersecurity for a few years, but feel like I always have a ton more to learn. My fun fact - I’m a constant learner. I am a guest lecturer at UC-Irvine for MBA students and I always learn more from my students than I actually teach, and I’m grateful that Lacework gives me the flexibility to continue this learning. Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Thanks for taking the time to join our community. 


Hi all! I’m Sam Singh, customer success manager on the west coast. In October I’ll have worked at Lacework for 2 years. Prior to Lacework I worked at Cobalt, a pentesting as a service company and I also spent some time at Hewlett Packard in enterprise security under Fortify and ArcSight. I aspire to be a continuous learner and have my eyes on the CKA - Certified Kubernetes Admin certification. Excited to see the growth of this community! 

Hi there, 

I’m Lucas Coatanlem, and I’m a member of the Groupe La Centrale cybersecurity team.

We are working with Lacework to manage and improve our cloud security posture.

See you soon !

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Hey Lacework Community 👋 


My name is Angelo and I am part of the Technical Services Team here at Lacework! My team, the Customer Success Architects (CSAs),  helps customers with their most technical problems when installing, configuring and operationalizing the Lacework Platform for their organizations. 

You can catch up with the CSA crew and ask us all your deepest technical questions -- or just talk shop --  during our daily live office hours and technical workshops.  You can register here: We’ll be on every Monday-Friday and excited to meet you all!! 


Fun fact: If you want to talk cars, trucks or anything outdoors -- I can talk all day 😉


See you at office hours or a workshop!

-- angelo 

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Hello everyone -- 

I’m Craig Beyer and in one month I will hit my one year anniversary with Lacework! I’m part of the Customer Success Architect team where I work alongside customers to drive Lacework enablement and solve any problem that may surface along the way. 

Before Lacework, I spent five years as a Software Engineer and a Cybersecurity Operator at a large financial institution. My experiences there focused on automation development, vulnerability management, incident response and detection engineering.  

You can find me at an upcoming office-hour or technical workshop session - register through our Academy - where I will eagerly be your cloud security partner and ensure you are well-equipped to achieve your cybersecurity goals using Lacework! 


Talk soon 😊



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YOOOOOO! What’s going on Lacework Community?!


My name is Scott Russell and I recently joined Lacework as part of the Customer Success Architects team. Before Lacework, I had been working as a Software Developer and DevOps Engineer , which is where I gained a massive appreciation for Cloud Security.


My team and I are working around the clock to utilize our wide range of experience and knowledge to  improve our customer’s enablement journey and to ultimately help them squeeze every ounce of value out of Lacework. For now, we are doing that through our daily office hours and weekly workshops, but more is yet to come! Come check us out by signing up for an Office Hour or Workshop @


Fun fact: I still think Santa Claus is real.


Stay classy.



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I am LacerX; Just like RacerX in speedracer, but not really.  It has nothing to do with being in a race car or being the outcast son.  It does have something to do with always being there when Speed Racer got in trouble. RacerX was always there for Speed behind the scenes, not getting the winning trophy, and focused on the outcome to get Speed out of trouble. 

My regular human name is Shaun and I, like many of us here at Lacework, work on the Tech Services team.  I have been in IT since it was Windows 3.1 and a PIX was still called a PIX.  Things have changed, but problems still exist, people still want to protect their businesses, and we are in this together.


If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find me, please feel free to hit me up and I will do my best to offer my opinion and any guidance I can!


Hello Lacework Community. I’m glad to be here! Looking forward to contributing and learning.