Welcome to the Lacework community!

  • 24 August 2023
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Welcome to the Lacework community!

Lacework’s community is a place for customers and others interested in cloud security to share their experiences and ask questions.

  • The Discussions section is a nexus of questions and answers about cloud security, often through the lens of a Lacework experience. Need to see how Lacework was implemented in an environment or segment similar to yours? This is the place to find peers and learnings.
  • The Knowledge Base section of the Community is an area for customers only that provides important documentation about frequently surfaced questions. This section allows for customers to get quick answers to common questions on implementation, regular use cases, and other scenarios often seen by the support team.

For those of you in the cloud security industry, this community is built to weave a stronger fabric of peer support and education across the entire industry. Lacework moderators, employees and other moderators will always be around to answer questions and keep discussions on track – but the goal of the community will always be to learn from and support one another.

To get started, you can navigate to Discussions in the top nav or the Knowledge Base (if you are a current customer). Check out our Community Guidelines if you’d like to learn more.

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