How do I see AWS Account name instead of number?

  • 21 August 2023
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After I completed my Lacework CSPM integration into AWS, it does not list my AWS accounts by name, only numbers when viewing the data in the platform. How can I see the names per integrated account?








1 reply


After integrating your AWS accounts, you might find that your account(s) list Account ID information but not a name or description. This could be occurring because the account was not configured with an AWS account alias.

Lacework utilizes the defined account alias value to display the AWS account name information.

Here are the steps to create or customize this value:

  1. Log in to your AWS environment and navigate to Identity and Access Management (IAM).

  2. If you see your AWS Account ID, and not an alias, this is why your AWS account name does not appear in Lacework. To update this value, click Customize to the right of your sign-in link.

  3. Create your Account Alias by entering the desired value in the text box. 

  4. This updates your AWS Account Alias, creates a new friendly sign-in link destination, and populates next to your account ID as the account name in the Lacework Console.

This can be helpful because you can search through the Lacework platform by account name/alias, rather than utilizing only your AWS Account ID.

This procedure updates the display name to include the AWS Account Alias in addition to the AWS Account ID. The change is also reflected in the Lacework Console after the next compliance report run.