• 28 September 2023
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Hi! I was modifying the aliases of the AWS accounts from Lacework and I noticed that two sections appear, one called Lacework-Control-Tower-Config-Member-"account" and another TF AWS EKS Audit Log, each of the accounts has these two sections . My question is whether I should modify the alias of both, or just one. I am making this change from settings > cloud accounts
I wait your answer.
Thank you.

1 reply

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hello Erika -- thank you for posting your question in the Lacework Community! 


When you say that your are modifying the aliases of the AWS Account Lacework integrations - are you modifying the integration name? If so - the name of the integration is simply a name for that specific integration and should be modified to whatever you and your organization believe best describes the integration. 


I’m curious what you plan to modify the integration name/alias to. Would you mind sharing? If you prefer to continue this discussion over email and not in the community, please connect with me!