Introducing Lacework Edge

Lacework Edge, an innovative solution for data-driven security service edge (SSE), launches this week to provide secure, optimal connectivity from any user or device to the internet at large. Edge users will benefit from:

  • Secure access to private applications: Zero-trust access to all internal and SaaS applications, replacing VPNs for legacy apps and optimizing for the cloud to offer improved performance, cost savings, and streamlined management.
  • Web security: Secure web gateway capabilities with DNS reputation and malware detection, reducing cyber-attack risks and increasing productivity by enforcing web filtering policies.
  • Data security: Monitors documents within ecosystems like Microsoft Office365, Google Workspace, and Dropbox, ensuring the protection of sensitive information, regulatory compliance, and efficient workflows.

More on this new capability from Lacework is available in the Lacework newsroom or on the Lacework blog. Reach out to your account team for a demo.

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