New enterprise-grade features: Lacework Explorer, Dashboards, Kubernetes Composite Alerts

Several new features launched at Lacework this past month that drive unique value for enterprise-grade customers. With a focus on saving time and resources for security professionals, the features better visualize the relationship among risks risks, provide new visual dashboards, add new context to alerts, and expand our Composite Alert capabilities. Let’s take a look.

Lacework Explorer


Lacework Explorer combines a security graph (i.e., a graphical visualization of cloud assets) and resource explorer to show the complex relationships and associations among all of the resources and services in your cloud environment. With simple, interactive visuals, Lacework Explorer helps users quickly understand and prioritize the potential risk associated with each entity or resource.


New Dashboards

New Lacework Dashboards

Lacework Security Dashboards provide security leaders immediate insights into how their security program is tracking against its overall goals and gives them the granular visibility to assess progress at the individual business, team, or functional levels within their organizations. 


Context Panels

Lacework Context Panels give you the details you need to quickly triage alerts, enabling you to view related entities and content without losing sight of the alert’s context. 


Kubernetes Composite Alerts

Lacework Composite Alerts detect hard-to-uncover malicious activity by automatically tying together multiple indicators of suspicious activity into a single, reliable alert. Our new Kubernetes Composite Alerts help detect early signs of potential Kubernetes user and service account credential compromise that would likely go unnoticed, by automatically combining and analyzing signals from multiple sources like threat intelligence information and raw Kubernetes audit logs.


Read more about these new features over on the Lacework blog.

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